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Michael Fay
Michael Fay - President
Phone (703 ) 346-0036
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Michael has been BBQ'ing for over 20 years. He started on the classic Weber Kettle and currently does the majority of his Q'ing on a tandem Spicewine trailer cooker. A certified BBQ judge and event cooker, he is currently the head cook and pitmaster of the Aporkalypse Now BBQ team. When not BBQ'ing he like to spend time experimenting with Molecular Gastronomy and other types of Kitchen Chemistry. In real life Michael owns Slamdunk Productions, a wholesale garphic arts design and production business and is married to his very understanding wife Hillary.

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Andy Sawran - Vice President

Phone: (717) 533-7795
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Andy has always enjoyed cooking outdoors thought he made some pretty good ribs until he went to his first professional competition.

Andy became a KCBS Certified BBQ Judge in December of 2007 after bumping into a KCBS Judge at the Dimond State BBQ Champioinship in October of that year.  Along the way he also became a MABA member and was elected Secretary in 2008.

To date Andy had judged at over 30 competitions and has made a lot of new friends (both team members and fellow judges).  He also has bought his first smoker and has been testing his cooking skills on the neighbors.  No complaints yet!

Professionally, Andy has aways worked in Information Technology (IT) sales.  He  resides in Hershey PA with his wife and son and in his spare time he enjoys riding his Harley Electra Glide.

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Colleen Martin - Secretary

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KCBS Member, Master Judge, and MABA member, Colleen Martin has been on the fast track in the competition circuit for over 3 years and has exhibited an outward passion to learn all things BBQ.  Colleen was fortunate to spend the latter part of the 2012 season working closely with Aporkalypse Now and experiencing first-hand what it takes to compete.

With an interest to aid in growing MABA membership by widening social media exposure, Colleen would also look to assist in serving as a MABA event representative in the northern states within the Mid Atlantic region currently served.

Based in Center City Philadelphia, Colleen works as a Client Reporting Manager for the US at a Global Asset Management firm.  She spends her free time playing sports such as soccer, softball, crew and a little ballroom dancing!  Surrounded by restaurants galore in the city, Colleen enjoys dining out to discover new flavor palettes ranging from a mortadella hotdog with spicy pickles and cabbage relish to a country pork liver pistachio pate!

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Steve Polson- Treasurer

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Since 2005 I have been an active BBQ Enthusiast.  I currently compete under the team name “Max Que.”  Due to work demands, I am cutting back my BBQ schedule to probably 4 events in 2013

No, you do not always see our name receiving a Grand Champions award or even Reserve.  We will from time to time bring in a trophy (especially in chicken), but this is not why we compete.  A BBQ Competition is an outstanding opportunity to socialize with Friends and Family.  BBQ teams are made up of some of the best people around. 

I am proud to serve on the MABA Board.  Through friends and associates I have been aligned to MABA for multiple years.   The growth of MABA has been outstanding and I have always enjoyed supporting the organization. 

My wife (Dee) and I are residents of Hillsborough, NJ for over 20 years.  We are originally transplanted from the Midwest (Kansas).  Yes, Dorothy and Toto lived down the street from us!

Our Son (Thomas) and his wife (Kristen) also live in central NJ and from time to time they have assisted us at cooks.

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John Kirby - Board Member

I am 67, and retired form the Baltimore Gas and Electric Co. in 2002. Since then I have worked for several Caterers and for a few years as a baker for WEIS markets.

I have been involved in many organizations from Secretary of my VFW post to Committee Chairman of my son’s Cub Scout Pack. I have also served on the Board of a private Men’s Club and event committees.

 I have been  competing as Head cook of the Backyard Burners cooking team since 2004, and as a KCBS Certified Barbeque Judge ( CBJ ) since 2005, and joined  MABA in 2010. When not competing I try to judge as many contest as I can.

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Carl Harper - Board Member

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Theresa Bell - Board Member

Theresa has been a MABA  and KCBS member since July 2011 and a CBJ since February 2012. She got hooked by watching season 1 of BBQ Pitmasters! Her goals include becoming a Master Judge and Certified Table Captain. Theresa is looking forward to becoming a contest rep for MABA. She is Pitmaster for her own team-Bellwood BBQ and has just started competing in the current 2013 season. She is excited to learn about all things BBQ and learning from many mentors. Theresa is married and has two grown daughters. She and her husband Larry currently reside in Virginia Beach.
On weekends when she is not doing BBQ you will always find her in the kitchen or even making a Medieval feasts for a non profit educational organization which is one of her other hobbies. Theresa won her first cooking competition in the 4th grade and since then it’s been full steam ahead!

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Bill Jones - Board Member Term Expires 2/15


Tom Bera

I have been a member of MABA for 6 years and a competitive cook since 2005. I’ve had my own questions and concerns what the association, what it was all about and which direction it was going. Thought it was time for me to step up and get involved, offer my help and opinion, see if I can make a difference. I think we all agree that changes need to happen. I love competing in BBQ, talking about it, reading about it... it is my addiction! I want MABA to be strong and informative, accessible and responsive about everything BBQ. Hopefully I can bring a fresh perspective and some new ideas. I have been watching from the sideline for quite a while so I personally have a back log of ideas and suggestions. The first thing I would like to see is a new, updated website – one that's exciting and easy to navigate. And I know this is in the works right now! This will give MABA better visibility along with helping another area of need, communication. I'd like to see better event recaps and team spotlights, maybe a real newsletter with updates from all the Mid-Atlantic regions. It's easy to sit here and list all the things I would like to see happen, but it's going to take dedication and man hours to make any of this a reality. I'm stepping up and offering my dedication and time, I will also be reaching out for help and suggestions from members. Working together I know we can make MABA something we can all be proud of.
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Phone: (610) 563-8255
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Carl’s serious interest in food began before he was finished high school when he began working as a busboy in a newly opened fine dining restaurant in his small hometown. He continued working in the business, mostly part time, for over 30 years where he worked with many talented chefs serving primarily French and Continental cuisine.

He developed an appreciation and love for BBQ after visiting some of his wife’s family in Texas a few years ago. After returning from that trip he purchased a WSM, spent countless hours educating himself on the Virtual Weber Bullet website and started cooking BBQ regularly for friends and family.

During the summer of 2006, after a job change suddenly resulted in free nights and weekends, Carl attended BBQ competitions on three consecutive weekends and was then completely hooked! He became a Certified Barbecue Judge in March, 2007 and will have judged twenty-four contests by the end of 2009. He will continue to work toward becoming a Master Barbecue Judge and hopes to someday form a team and enter the competition circuit

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